Bachata Especial is a light premium beer with a subtle depth of flavour from a touch of rum.

Crisp and refreshing with genuine taste and true Latin style.

Presented in 330ml bottles at 5.0% ABV, Bachata Especial has a smooth malt base and a hint of orange zest. Golden rum with notes of vanilla provide energy and warmth.

Serve chilled on its own or with a slice of fresh orange.

Sunshine beer with flavour.


We are Latino. Our influence, origin, energy and vibe. Our inspiration is Bachata, a way of life and an attitude.

Originated in the 1920’s in Santa Domingo, Bachata means party, social gathering, music and dance.

Bachata is easy and free spirited. The beginning of good times.

Bachata Especial is for people who want the crisp refreshment of light beer with real taste and flavour. Enjoying life through social get-togethers, a BBQ, at home, at the beach, or in pubs, bars and restaurants.

Bachata is easy going and easy drinking.